Banana Chip and Chocolate Chunk Cookies


Firstly, let me apologize for the radio silence – its been almost a week since my last post! – for which I can only excuse myself by saying I’ve been very busy… I have an ominous feeling that this summer just gone will have been the last lengthy period of absolute nothingness I’ll have been able to indulge in for a very long time. Probably until retirement.

I do enjoy having lots to do, generally; I’m really getting into most of the material for my course at the moment, the aforementioned musical I’m a part of this semester is going fantastically, and paying for a monthly gym membership means I’m hoiking myself out of bed for two or three fitness classes a week and some occasional swimming sessions. N.B: everyone should go to Zumba, I went today for the first time in yonks and had a ball!! So far, so active, healthy and productive. But… here’s the rub. I find that having to squeeze baking into the melee of everyday uni life, rather than wafting around in the holidays taking hours over a simple batch of biscuits (or attempting lemon meringue three times over just because I can) , reduces the quality of my bakes. I’m a firm believer that, unless you train yourself to work in such an environment, like they must have to on Bake Off I suppose, stress has a big impact on how your food turns out. Unless I have lots and lots of time without a certain cut-off point, I find it hard to switch off whilst I’m baking, and not let opticians appointment times, Childe Harold’s pilgrimage, and career prospects invade my headspace. I don’t doubt that this is the case for almost all the other food bloggers I follow, bakers, chefs and fellow students around the world, but that knowledge doesn’t mean getting the balance right is any easier, unfortunately.

However, I do have a recipe for you, finally. I have pinched it ever so cheekily from a really interesting food blog I like to follow (with really lovely photography too) called ‘Pastry Affair’, by Kristin Rosenau. I did read the copyright rules on Kristin’s site, and I think, I hope, it doesn’t count as infringement if I direct my readers to her site, which is what I’m going to do for the recipe. My cookies fell sadly short of the ones pictured there – I place the blame wholly with the Lurpak I had to use for making them spread ridiculously and consequently become far too thin and crispy. Still, the taste was there, and I liked my small change of dark chocolate chunks instead of chips, because I think biting into a chunk of chocolate in a cookie can be one of life’s greatest pleasure’s if you’re really in need of some comfort. So without further ado, here is the link to Kristin’s recipe – if you ever read this humble article Kristin, I’m indebted to you and also sad that I couldn’t do these cookies proper justice due to the absence of any butter/butter-like substance in my fridge excepting Lurpak, which I can affirm does not do cookies any favours texture-wise; the spread is far too soft and melts really quickly. Now, without any ado, the link:


Source: ‘Chocolate Banana Chip Cookies’, Pastry Affair by Kristin Rosenau. Do check out her blog, its lovely and well-written and much more established and exciting than mine. 



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