Huckle my Buff

Hello Sunday-afternooners. This oddly titled (soon to be explained) post is the first in a series of hopefully, but probably not always, daily additions to my blog. The idea is that each day I share an interesting, wacky, useful, boring etc. factoid with my lovely readers to pass on the pearls of wisdom I often learn from cooking shows with surprise and pleasure and then inevitably forget the next day. So it should be beneficial to all of us. I’ve mentioned before that I do love a good cooking/baking/food-based TV programme which is generally where these little gems will come from I expect.  These facts will be, of course, food-focused, but not specifically baking related, because although this is a baking blog I feel that would be limiting. Okay, wordy introduction over – here’s the first fact:

Apparently during the 1700’s a very popular beer-based cocktail existed in pubs and coaching inns to revive weary travellers up and down the country, originating in the county of Sussex, England. The beverage comprised beer, smuggled French brandy and an egg, and was served hot, according to the historical manuscripts it was recorded in. The best thing about this drink, as you might have guessed, is its name: Huckle my Buff. Who even knows? I’d try it with that title though; maybe it was a Hanoverian marketing ploy.

huckle my buff

Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty recently revived this extinct cocktail on their TV programme ‘Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast’ – you can now find it in the Diffords Guide for Discerning Drinkers, rated as ‘Excellent’.


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