Yoga(?) and Baking

I promise that not all of these Foodie Facts will be filched from Jamie Oliver’s programmes alone; there will be other sources as and when I pick them up… I just happened to catch a bit of 30-minute meals this morning on TV and was struck by something that seems so obvious – probably most of you had worked this out ages ago and are chortling right now at my ignorance – in terms of whisking things for baking.

My arms aren’t the muscly-est, in fact I’ve always had pretty useless spaghetti arms with no tone whatsoever. So this tip should revolutionize the way I whisk by hand (for a couple more weeks until I can bring my electric whisk to Sheffield anyway) and I thought I should share it with you all.

Pretty close to my facial expression when whisking, except less pained.

Pretty close to my facial expression when whisking, except less pained.


Basically, you switch between different muscle groups in the arm to maximise the time you can spend whisking! So simple. Now I’m writing it, it does sound rather daft. Oh well. Anyway, so first you use the upper arm by whisking the eggs or whatever ingredient it is towards your body, clockwise, then you switch to the lower arm and whisk away from your body, anticlockwise. Whichever bit of the arm isn’t working gets a nice rest and thus you can whisk away like a boss until tipping egg whites over your head is no longer going to be incredibly messy. For some reason, Jamie, bless him, remarked enthusiastically that this method is like ‘cooking-cum-yoga’ – incidentally I had just been to a yoga class that very morning, but I have to say there were no whisking movements involved. Whisking is more like Zumba or other strenuous dance fitness classes if you ask me; the ones with strange moves in them that leave muscles you didn’t even know you had protesting vehemently as you get out of bed the next morning.

So there we go, whisking like a pro has never been so easy. To be fair, neither has getting a machine to do the work for you. Your choice…


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