One potato, blue potato, three potato, four…

…Five potato, six potato, seven potato, more! I’m sure most people are aware that there is a huge range of potato varieties, and that certain types are best cooked in a certain way; i.e. King Edwards are bakers, chippers and roasters whereas Charlottes are best for steaming or boiling. I didn’t realise until recently, however, that all potatoes can be divided into four very straightforward categories: Early Season and Main Crop obviously relate to the time of year the potatoes are harvested – the smaller early pots appear in May time and only keep for 2-3 days, whilst larger main crop produce will keep interminably if stored correctly. Then there are Floury and Waxy types within both first categories – floury textured pots are your King Edward types, and waxy are the Charlottes, better in salads or with light meals than in a roast dinner. Not that interesting? Fair enough; because you’ve read to the end of the potato-spiel you can have one more fact: one particular sort of potato has bright blue flesh! It’s unimaginative name ‘salad blue’ is a bit of a let down, but nonetheless, veg isn’t normally blue, thus this discovery is exciting and intriguing. Green eggs and ham with your blue potato salad, anyone?



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