Bouncing Raisins

Today I found out that if you drop a raisin in champagne, it will bob up and down in the glass  – sinking to the bottom then rising to the top repeatedly. Not magic, but science (how dull): the wrinkles in the raisin trap the CO2 in the champagne, and the bubbles lift the raisin up to the top of the glass, where the bubbles are released, and so it sinks back down again. It keeps bouncing back and forth til the CO2 is all used up. Sadly, I didn’t discover this firsthand; I have neither raisins nor champagne in my house at the moment, and if I did, I can’t say I would have had an urge to drop a wrinkly piece of dried fruit into a luxury glass of bubbly. Someone else did though, and here’s a video to prove it:

(I wonder what the hotel thought of this…)


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