The Perfect Steak


Know how to cook your steak exactly how you like it? Well, the answer is in your hands. No, literally. Gordon Ramsay shows you how to tell if your steak is rare, medium or well-done by comparing the feel of the cooking meat to your hand, in the handy cooking tips section of his TV program, ‘Ultimate Cookery Course’.

For rare meat, when you press the steak with your fingertip it should feel like the inside of your thumb on your palm – quite squishy and tender. For medium, you want the same give as you can feel on the outside of your thumb. For well-done, press your finger into your wrist (where you would take a pulse) and the steak should feel like this; firm with just a little bit of give. If it’s easier to see it rather than read it (and I have been reading for hours and hours today so please excuse me if this post is slightly garbled) here is the link to the show on Channel 4 (you might not be able to get to this if you’re outside the UK, I’m afraid, but I’m sure its on YouTube): Ultimate Cookery Course – Series 1, Episode 10 (skip to 21:20).

Perfect for a celebratory dinner, or a special evening in – impress your guests with restaurant-standard steaks whether they are die-hard carnivores or terribly squeamish. Cheers Gordon!


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