Super Berries

I’ve been extensively browsing the web pages of SportsDirect recently; not one of my usual pastimes but I’m getting an early birthday present this year in the form of gym trainers and leggings. I know this sounds terribly dull and practical for a 21st, but I’m actually genuinely excited to get some proper kit to bop around in at my weekly step class. As I was pre-occupied with healthy living et cetera  this evening whilst casting around for my next Foodie Fact, I decided to find out which berries are best for you and why. (I try to fully embrace the fitness drive as and when it takes me, because I do otherwise live in a world that revolves mostly around bread, cake, cookies and ice cream…)

Here is an ABC of a few top berries, picked out from this article, that you should apparently add to your everyday ‘To Eat’ list:

  1. Acai berries* ~ full of antioxidants, amino acids and fatty acids to protect cells against disease and boost immunity
  2. Blueberries ~ contain masses of fibre, vitamin K (builds bones) and manganese, an energy boosting mineral, not a language
  3. Cranberries ~ the group of flavanoids called proanthocyanidins in these not-just-for-Christmas treats help lower the risk of urinary tract infections

*(pronounced ah-sigh-ee; I did not know that before today!)

Acai-Berries    blueberrycranberries(5) 

Enjoy berrylicious bakes with these ideas from the Guardian: The 10 Best Berry Recipes, or check back a couple of days on An Inexact Science and find my very own Lemon and Blueberry Yoghurt Cake recipe to tickle your tastebuds! How’s that for culinary alliteration, eh? Sleep tight little bakers and bakesses x       


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