So, this is my brand new and first ever blog… hello, and thank you in advance for reading it. The idea of starting a blog popped into my head a few days ago, and I’ve been ruminating on it, characteristically indecisively, until now. An Inexact Science is I suppose a logical outcome of my love of writing combined with an enthusiasm for baking that I’ve managed to indulge more often than is usually possible over the summer, me being a student and having fantastically long vacations. When my term does begin, I’m not sure how frequently I’ll be posting, or how composed the tone of my posts will be, but until then I am going to act on my inclination to share my baking experiments, favourite recipes and other vaguely related thoughts and musings with any similarly-minded, or just curious, readers who might stumble across my tentative new project. A note on the title of my blog by the way; I’m sure you’ve heard of the expression ‘Cooking is an art, baking is a science’. Well, for me baking is all about creativity, unexpected disasters and equally unexpected triumphs, and a pioneering spirit – I like to try new recipes, and if I’m feeling brave, or don’t have all the necessary ingredients in my cupboards, experiment with said recipes and add my own twists, for better or for worse. So I think baking is probably a bit of both, art and science, and for me, as an amateur baker on a student budget with a fairly temperamental old gas oven, it is nothing if not inexact.


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