Drop Scones

My mum makes these sometimes, in a cast iron pan on the hob for a weekend breakfast. There’s something so pleasing and homely about pancakes (drop scones are basically mini, or Scotch, pancakes) and they’re so much fun to make! And who doesn’t love a hot stack of buttery pancakes drizzled with golden syrup or scattered with blueberries on a Sunday morning?

ImageN.B. This is not a Flora advertisement; I just buy whatever spread is on offer/I have coupons for and Flora Buttery, delicious as it is, is just one product in a long line of budget-based acquisitions.  

I have to have the song from Matilda on when I’m making pancakes for breakfast; you know, the one in the scene where she discovers her magical powers and cooks pancakes for herself for breakfast. The combination of that song and bubbling pancake batter on the griddle pan (my new favourite piece of kitchen equipment!) has to be the happiest way to start off any day, and I have an exam tomorrow, so I needed a happy start to my last day of revision.


Mary’s recipe makes quite a lot of drop scones; my boyfriend and I had loads each this morning and I still have plenty left over, ready to be reheated and slathered with Nutella for a post-exam (and, I suspect, post-alcohol intake) rejuvenating treat. She reckons 21; I think we had nearer 25-30. They are quite little, and I didn’t halve the recipe because it only calls for one egg, and splitting eggs into fractions is more trouble than its worth, especially when your brain is stuffed to the gunnels with literary paraphernalia and anything remotely unnecessary, like basic maths skills, has temporarily flown the coop.

If you don’t have a griddle pan, BUY ONE THEY ARE FANTASTIC or use an ordinary but preferably non-stick frying pan. Yet another reason why pancakes are great is that you’ll almost always – if you bake at all that is – have the ingredients in your cupboard/fridge. The genius of following Mary Berry’s Baking Bible is that whatever I fancy baking, its pretty much guaranteed I’ll find a version of it in her book – the clue’s in the title I suppose. Today was only the first of many breakfasts courtesy of Mary, and a delicious and satisfying one it was too.


  • 175g self-raising flour
  • 1 level tsp baking powder
  • 40g caster sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 200ml milk

Step 1. Prepare your griddle or heavy-based (this stops them burning easily) pan by greasing lightly with oil.

Step 2. Combine the flour, baking powder and sugar in a bowl, then whisk in the egg and half the milk. Keep whisking in milk until your batter is smooth. Don’t use all the milk for the sake of it; only add what you need to get the mixture to the consistency of thick cream.

Step 3. Drop tablespoons of the mixture onto the hot pan. Space well apart or you’ll end up with one pancake blob rather than four (or however many fir in your pan) nice little ones. Turn over once bubbles form in the pancake, and cook til golden brown on each side.


Step 4. Lift them out carefully with a palette knife and pop onto a wire rack with a clean tea towel thrown over to keep them soft. Serve warm with butter, golden syrup, Nutella, berries and fruits, or just one of the above if you’re feeling frugal.

Pretty damn good start to the day, feeling if not nutrition-wise!

**A few notes**

For me, one of the tricky things about cooking pancakes, drop scones or similar is keeping the temperature consistent in the pan. I can’t really offer much advice other than keep an eye on the rate at which your scones are cooking and turn the heat up or down accordingly. Medium temp is good, very high just burns them and if the pan is quite cool they will take forever to cook and you’ll be there hours. The amount of milk you need will depend on the size of your egg – I needed all 200ml but as the recipe says, take it slow and go with the flow. Well, it doesn’t say that but the implication is there.

Source: Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, p. 326


That’s everything I think; mainly just enjoy making them! I had a lovely relaxed morning and got a delicious breakfast, and a blog post out of it to boot. Already dreaming of snaffling the rest of my drop scones in the bliss of exam freedom…just 16 or so more hours to go. Time to sleep I think! Wish me luck…