Call myself an English Literature student…

It has come to my attention (thank you mum) that I referred to my rounded chopping board and knife as a ‘mezzanine’ in my last post…I have since realised that a mezzanine is not, in fact, a kitchen implement, but an architectural term meaning an intermediate floor, usually in the form of a balcony, between the main levels of a building. What I actually meant was mezzaluna. I’m pretty sure I’ve done that in an earlier post as well, possibly the Cardamom Loaf one…I will go back and edit those prontissimo. Excuse my ignorance, dear readers! There’s your food fact for today, anyway; I can’t distinguish between cooking aids and parts of a building. Hope you all had a lovely weekend x


Admin Update!

It can’t be called a ‘Spring Clean’ yet, not even wistfully, but to my mind organising the blog has been long overdue, so here it is: a brand new theme and a lovely list of categories for readers to more easily navigate around the site and my posts. I hope you like it – sorry for the lack of warning; it was a spur-of-the-moment, finally-got-round-to-it sort of thing. I definitely do! I think it’s a lot neater and slightly more grown-up, plus the balloons are gone which is a relief as their strings were always getting in the way and annoying me. Categorizing things, and making lists, is one of the things I do best – organisation makes me happy! If you spot any glaring issues with the new layout etc. let me know in a comment. I won’t be offended! Unless you’re very rude about it. Enjoy xx

Happy Halloween!



A hand-carved ‘vampire spider’ pumpkin; a product of a Halloween at home followed by a lovely weekend with my family. Halloween, Bonfire Night and my oldest brother’s birthday all kind of coincided recently, plus it was my dad’s birthday not so long ago, which was fantastic as it meant I could go home from uni for a short Thursday to Sunday stint (not that I wouldn’t love to stay longer but term time doesn’t allow that!) and see my whole family, celebrate two holidays with them all, and spend time relaxing and generally enjoying the luxury of being home – nothing else, even my lovely student house this year, quite compares as yet! I even got some work done whilst I was away, so it was a very satisfying few days all round. 

I feel I’ve been neglectful of the blog lately; I kept meaning to post when I was at home, and in fact baked twice the week before but, condemnably, I didn’t make the writing happen. Before you all turn away from your screens in disgust, this does mean that you’ll be getting a double-whammy of recipes right now (or right now then in the morning, depending on how rapidly this warm blanket and hot chocolate make me sleepy). How exciting! The first post is pumpkin-based, because if you’re going to carve out a pumpkin for Halloween, don’t throw away all the good stuff inside it! The innards of the vampire-spider went towards creating these two delicious tricky treats…  

The Great Friday Bake-Fest!


My eldest brother is currently doing the Open Day rounds, visiting such lucky universities as have made it onto his shortlist of potentials to apply to (I suddenly feel so old and scarily close to becoming a real grown-up person – gulp). My uni was one of the chosen five, which is great because I genuinely think it is a fantastic place to get a degree, and it also meant that my mum could foist the two younger siblings off on me, as the handy resident babysitter, for the day. So they all arrived on Saturday horribly early, at 10am (late mornings, or even early afternoons if I’m feeling particularly sloth-like, are the order of the day until lectures kick in) and the non-open dayers headed out for pirate-themed mini golf and a Subway lunch. It was great; my boyfriend joined us much to his credit (it meant missing the football) and we had loads of fun spending time with the boys. What made it even nicer was that I had a surprise for everyone – 50 points if you can guess what form these surprise gifts took. Flapjack! And cookies! And brownies! And – wait for it – yet another lemon meringue pie! I spent all day in the kitchen the day before they came (that sounds like it was a chore; not in the slightest – I had my musicals playlist going and the oven was warming up the room very cosily whilst it poured with rain outside) and had an absolute baking fest. The recipes are in the following posts, these are all fairly easy and not very time-consuming so if you find yourself stuck inside on a rainy day with friends/relatives/housemates/hungry strangers arriving imminently…go bake!